Conserving PPE

JAMA editorial on sourcing PPE

JAMA editors gathered crowdsourced ideas and have summarized in the editorial. 


JAMA editorial on PPE shortage mitigation -- a call for novel ideas

JAMA calls for ideas on addressing increasing PPE shortages. See comment section for ideas. 


CDC COCA call on PPE

The teleconference overviews PPE guidelines, shortages, conservation/mitigation of shortage strategies, cohorting, best practices to reduce exposure/risk in the workplace. 




CDC COCA call on managing severely ill COVID-19 patients


The teleconference outlines aerosol-generating procedures, high exposure risk situations, best practices to data/drugs in trial, fluid supplementation ideas, conservation of PPE.


NUS teleconference on novel biodecontamination methods for reuse/conservation of PPE

NUS biodecontamination unit uses H2O2 chamber to demonstrate effective reuse capability of N95s up to 30 times.