Delivery Updates

Nurses at Kaiser band together and practice self-care

4/3 I was overwhelmed with gratitude when a nurse sent a picture of the safe arrival of the face masks. They've been great self-advocates, referring each other to the website and supporting one another during the PPE shortage and COVID-19 crisis. I'm astounded by their wonderful spirits and wish them safety and health.

Longest receipt I've ever seen

3/30 Today I sent out 2,550 masks to 45 HCPs across the country. Dr. Jim Goodrich passed away in NY, so I made sure to send a pack of precious 3M N95s to his friend (also a surgeon). I'm hoping Lashify supports me soon, because paying $1,200 on shipping every time I leave the apartment is a bit discouraging. Estimated arrival: 4/2/2020 (UPS)

1. How long does it take for a shipment to arrive in the US?

It takes 7-12 days from order to shipping. From there, with expedited shipping it takes around 3-5 business days to reach US soil. It takes another week to clear U.S. customs and be successfully delivered at our first checkpoint. Then I usually can process orders within 24-48 hours and I ship ground for same coast (West) and 2-day air for all others.

So in total, 23 days is the cycle of getting one order to its recipient. This is why I want to keep the ball rolling and make orders weekly.



2. What are the barriers to on-time delivery?

Yeah, U.S. customs is pretty tricky -- as is competition for bandwidth from manufacturers/sources of supplies to produce PPE. So on top of placing timely orders, I have to make sure packages are neatly labeled (if anything is off it gets immediately flagged and may be held for weeks). To mitiate shipping difficulty and also do things right, we set up quickly as a nonprofit limited structure (takes 35 days to process in California, 1 year to achieve 501(c)(3) approval from the IRS) to obtain an EIN, separate accounts, etc. We clearly post that each box coming into the US is for donations as well as all contact information, EIN, operator identification, etc.


3. I want proof of life/receipt of mask shipments. Where are all the nurse and doctor pictures?

Recently you may have heard health professionals who spoke out about the inadequacies of hospitals' PPE supplies getting fired. Physicians everywhere are also facing major income loss, including surgeons and family practice. We are trying to figure out how best to move forward while still protecting HCP requesters' privacy. Protecting nurses and doctors (our heroic frontline) is the number one goal.


4. Help! My area is a hot zone. How fast can the masks be delivered to my nearest hospital?

Less than 1 week. I ship US ground to same coast states (Washington, Oregon, California) and 2-day air to all the others.