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Nurses and doctors deserve
protection on the frontline

We're giving away PPE for free to every healthcare worker in need who asks for it


How It Works

  1. Nurses and doctors can request PPE (e.g. masks, isolation suits, face shields, hand sanitizer)

  2. Within 8 hours they'll receive confirmation regarding securing a safe shipping address to receive their protective gear. 

  3. PPE is shipped out ground (U.S. West Coast) or 2-day with tracking.

  4. We write to confirm the PPE is safely delivered and to make sure that if there's any other support they need -- we're standing by.

Basic Costs

Source: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Why We Must Act NOW

On 4/1/2020 the state of New York coronavirus confirmed cases exceeded that of China. With an estimated R_0 of 2.2-2.8, the virus spread follows an exponential curve and currently shows insufficient signs of flattening. Our internal source RS (an agent at our supplier in Guangdong, China) announced on 4/3/2020 that China has announced new policies regarding the export of medical supplies to the U.S. In multi-pronged attempt to stockpile PPE for its own needs while clamping down on quality control issues, the Chinese government is restricting outward movement of PPE not manufactured on medical manufacturing equipment.

China currently supplies more than half of the world's supply of masks. Yet it can only produce 100 million masks daily. American companies like Ameritech are functioning at maximum capacity, extending their reach from  0.25 million masks to 1 million masks daily in production. With only a handful of American-made big mask companies, we are unlikely to meet demand even if China exported 100% of their total supply to us. As of 4/3/2020 China has seen an uptick of 0.1% confirmed cases and 0.12% case fatalities. This underlines the efforts of JAMA physicians and researchers to discuss the inevitable necessity of methods of conserving PPE, e.g., biodecontamination for reuse.

PPE -- notably N95 and surgical masks -- are an increasingly scarce resource in the United States. There are approximately 18.9 million healthcare providers, 2 million police and firefighters, and 307.3 million civilians civilians. In a more ideal situation, healthcare providers could switch their masks every 4 hours (and work no more than 16 hours daily), police and firefighters could switch their masks once weekly, and civilians might switch their mask once weekly. Considering states' push toward encouraging widespread adoption of mask-wearing -- even among the general public -- our total demand would total 121.5 million masks daily. Many places in the U.S. are sheltering-in-place 5/3/2020; a 30-day nationwide effort to adopt universal mask-wearing in addition to social distancing would entail 3.64 billion masks.

For $4/Day Sponsor PPE for a Nurse or Doctor in Need

Cost/mask: $0.4/piece (MOQ 10,000 units), $0.6/piece (<10,000 exception handling)
Maximum ideal wear time/mask: 4 hours
Maximum ideal workday/HCP: 16 hours/day
Ideal masks/HCP/day: 4 masks/HCP/day
Ideal masks/HCP/day cost: $2.4/HCP/day (compare to Freshly Brewed Venti Coffee at Starbucks: $2.45)
Ideal masks/HCP/14 days cost: $33.6/HCP/14 days (compare to Hulu Basic + Live TV: $54.99)
Ideal masks/HCP/month cost: $72/HCP/month (compare to Rent the Runway 1 Swap: $89)

Our monthly baseline operating costs: $3,500/shipping, $900 web/tech, $981 research to secure/pivot supply chains, $5,000 masks, $5,000 isolation suits, $1,000 isolation suits/face shields/gloves, bookkeeping/nonprofit: $59 (AI bookkeeper) +$35 (nonprofit registration, maintenance)+$25 (banking) = $16,500/month

Please consider sponsoring us in one of these areas if you're in the position to!

Our Patent-Pending, FDA-Recommended Medical Masks Are Free Forever

First contact with overseas manufacturer was on 12/29/2020. Predictive analytics suggested we were not prepared for an impending PPE crisis/hospital impacting from a novel human virus sickening the population. Rapidly we considered viability of N95 supply chain aquisition, KN95s, FFP2s, supplies to make hand sanitizer, surgical masks, etc. -- and contingency plans for should previously commercially viable options failed.

Our Novel Multi-Threaded PPE Supply Chain Pipeline Attenuates Critical Failure Point Vulnerability