We send FREE Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to 
Healthcare Providers
(HCP) on the COVID-19 frontlines

We have already given away 
20,650 medical face masks,
6,000 nitrile gloves,
400 isolation suits &
2,560 bottles of hand sanitizer
to our doctors and nurses across the country

But that's far from enough. Our goal is to buy and send an additional FREE 100,000 masks to the frontline by April 20. 
Can you help?

How are we different?


We are a team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and community advocates who anticipated a critical shortage for surgical masks back in December 2019. We proactively retooled a factory in China to manufacture FDA and EUA approved masks, based on an improved and more protective design (learn about our patent-pending masks here).

With control over every aspect of the supply chain, all we need is your donation so that we can get 100,000 masks from the factory floor to the faces of our heroes on the frontline!


Read more about our team and our founding story here. You can track our masks delivery updates here.


1. Are these masks compliant with FDA and CDC guidelines?

Yes! We have gone through testing and met health and safety requirements according to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). We also strictly adhere to guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).   more>

2. Have you secured your supply chain?

Yes!! Because we anticipated this outbreak in December, the team was a few months ahead of everyone. We successfully secured an FDA-registered manufacturer who can mass produce masks in a short period of time.   more>

3. Where does my money go?

For every dollar we raise, 100% goes to manufacturing and shipping these masks to the frontline. We are a pending nonprofit corporation, so unfortunately donations are not yet tax-exempt.

4. Who's receiving these masks?

Our top priority is to send masks to doctors and nurses in the most under-served, community-level hospitals. Under-resourced communities are hardest hit by COVID-19, and the hospitals that serve them are the most vulnerable - and we're here to help them.   more>

5. Help! I'm in a hot zone. How fast can PPE be delivered?

Less than 1 week.   more>

Our innovative design FDA/CDC compliant masks

On 2/26 we finished prototyping and testing an anti-tamper, latex-free flat fold medical face mask design that could exceed BFE (99.1% vs 3M™ Standard Procedure Mask's > 95%)/PFE (95.6% vs. 3M™ Standard Procedure Mask's n/a) standards while eliminating the need for dwindling supply of knit elastic.


On 3/27 we filed a provisional patent application with the USPTO: 29729526. Currently, we're producing these as "last resort" medical face masks at a Chinese factory that produces FDA-certified PPE and are working with US factories to replicate the process.


You can keep track of our FDA device listing assignment details here. The process is currently being executed under the advisement of an FDA officer and adhering to FDA guidelines set forth during the pandemic.

20,650 Masks Delivered

60 3-D Printed Face Shields Shipped

400 Isolation Suits Shipped

6,000 Nitrile Gloves Shipped


Delivery Updates

Nurses at Kaiser band together and practice self-care

4/3 I was overwhelmed with gratitude when a nurse sent a picture of the safe arrival of the face masks. They've been great self-advocates, referring each other to the website and supporting one another during the PPE shortage and COVID-19 crisis. I'm astounded by their wonderful spirits and wish them safety and health.

Longest receipt I've ever seen

3/30 Today I sent out 2,550 masks to 45 HCPs across the country. Dr. Jim Goodrich passed away in NY, so I made sure to send a pack of precious 3M N95s to his friend (also a surgeon). I'm hoping Lashify supports me soon, because paying $1,200 on shipping every time I leave the apartment is a bit discouraging. Estimated arrival: 4/2/2020 (UPS)