Our healthcare workers are our frontline and last lifeline


For $4/Day Sponsor PPE for a Nurse or Doctor in Need

Cost/mask: $0.4/piece (MOQ 10,000 units), $0.6/piece (<10,000 exception handling)
Maximum ideal wear time/mask: 4 hours
Maximum ideal workday/HCP: 16 hours/day
Ideal masks/HCP/day: 4 masks/HCP/day
Ideal masks/HCP/day cost: $2.4/HCP/day (compare to Freshly Brewed Venti Coffee at Starbucks: $2.45)
Ideal masks/HCP/14 days cost: $33.6/HCP/14 days (compare to Hulu Basic + Live TV: $54.99)
Ideal masks/HCP/month cost: $72/HCP/month (compare to Rent the Runway 1 Swap: $89)

Our monthly baseline operating costs: $3,500/shipping, $900 web/tech, $981 research to secure/pivot supply chains, $5,000 masks, $5,000 isolation suits, $1,000 isolation suits/face shields/gloves, bookkeeping/nonprofit: $59 (AI bookkeeper) +$35 (nonprofit registration, maintenance)+$25 (banking) = $16,500/month

Please consider sponsoring us in one of these areas if you're in the position to!