We've self-funded 
20,650 medical face masks,
6,000 nitrile gloves,
400 isolation suits &
2,560 bottles of hand sanitizer
to give away to HCPs in need across the country

Nurses and doctors are our front line and last lifeline.

We're all in. Are you with us?

Our Patent-Pending, FDA-Recommended Medical Masks Are Free Forever

Our first contact with overseas manufacturer was on 12/29/2020. Predictive analytics suggested widespread lack of preparedness for an impending PPE crisis/hospital impacting from a novel human virus sickening the population. Rapidly we considered viability of N95 supply chain aquisition, KN95s, FFP2s, supplies to make hand sanitizer, surgical masks, etc. -- and contingency plans for should previously commercially viable options failed.

Our Novel Multi-Threaded PPE Supply Chain Pipeline Attenuates Critical Failure Point Vulnerability


As of 3/30 our datasets are merging with ProjectN95, PPECoalition, and GetUsPPE to create a centralized, standardized repository for clinicians, researchers, and public health officials. We're mapping shortage hotspots based on requests from the front lines and sending reinforcements before it's too late. 

Inspired by Dr. Ed Livingston's "Call to Ideas" in the JAMA, we set out to procure a multi-threaded PPE supply chain pipeline with multiple redundancies to attenuate critical fail points. On 2/26 we finished prototyping and testing an anti-tamper, latex-free flat fold medical face mask design that could exceed BFE (99.1% vs 3M™ Standard Procedure Mask's > 95%)/PFE (95.6% vs. 3M™ Standard Procedure Mask's n/a) standards while eliminating the need for dwindling supply of knit elastic. On 3/27 we filed a provisional patent application with the USPTO: 29729526. Currently, we're producing these as "last resort" medical face masks at a Chinese factory that produces FDA-certified PPE and are working with US factories to replicate the process. You can keep track of our FDA device listing assignment details here. The process is currently being executed under the advisement of an FDA officer and adhering to FDA guidelines set forth during the pandemic.