How It Works

  1. Nurses and doctors (HCP) can request PPE (e.g. masks, isolation suits, face shields, hand sanitizer). We are currently supplying surgical masks, and in the process of adding other PPE to the pipeline. 

  2. Each HCP can request up to 1 pack of 50 masks.

  3. You can refer your colleagues to request PPE as well. The minimum period before you can submit another request is 3 weeks.

  4. If a hospital administrator wants to request bulk, this can be arranged at 1200 masks per institution.

  5. PPE is shipped out ground (U.S. West Coast) or 2-day with tracking.

  6. We write to confirm the PPE is safely delivered and to make sure that if there's any other support they need -- we're standing by.

Thanks for your understanding as we continue to work hard to provide immediate relief to areas of outbreak. For any questions, please email